Monday, November 30, 2009

"Piece de Resistance" far

Wow I know its been quite a while, but as you will see below I have been very busy.  I finished up the semester with a rather large weaving: 9'x3'!!  There were several concepts involved, but the overall goal was to embed meaning into the weaving, weather that takes place through materials, memories, or space. My favorite part was weaving with the 16mm vintage movie film.  When I ordered it on Ebay, I had no idea what images would be on it.  As luck would have it, it's a home movie of small children!! Perfect for woven memories! Other materials I used were fishing line, floral wire, welding wire, my grandfather's tie, copper and Plexiglas rods, plastic grocery bags, which I fashioned into yarn--or "plarn," hardware cloth, and a wooden dowel.  The first image gives a sense of the size of the work.


  1. Incredible to watch this woven work of art coming together bit by bit in the studio . . . then the unraveling from the loom took place . . . a momentous occasion. Thanks for letting me be apart of your "memory".